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Updated date: 06/03/2023

The Secretariat of Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic kept a heavy agenda during the summer, both in the national and international arena. January 3rd marked 190 years of the illegal occupation of the Malvinas islands by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. On that occasion, we officially concluded the “Malvinas 40 Years” Agenda that was launched a year ago at the Malvinas Museum. During the commemoration ceremony that we shared with Foreign Ministry Cafiero, we highlighted the great work done by the inter-ministerial table that promoted and coordinated over 1,000 official activities of visibilization of the Malvinas Question at the national, regional and international level. With great satisfaction, we verified the call for unity under the slogan “Malvinas Unites Us” has touched Argentine society deeply. The achievement of the proposed goals (honor the fallen, their relatives, and the war veterans, raise visibilization of the Malvinas Question as an unacceptable case of colonialism and a national cause, and develop diplomatic actions aimed at achieving the goal established on the National Constitution towards the recovery of the full exercise of sovereignty) encourages to continue the task, now in the context of the 40 years of Democracy. We don’t hesitate to claim Malvinas is a democratic cause, since it is led by the Argentine people and the institutions that represent it.

During 2023, we look forward to continuing the development of a broad agenda on the three areas of our Secretariat. With this in mind, we have attended three multilateral organizations that are key to the Malvinas Question: the United Nations, CELAC and the African Union. In this newsletter, we provide details of the actions carried out at those organizations within the framework of the decolonization process that considers Malvinas a pending colonial case. Antarctic and oceanic policies were also among the areas addressed during the meetings held. Furthermore, we began the year with an agenda of bilateral relations with missions to Spain and Ethiopia, countries with which we share a rich diplomatic agenda. I would like to finish the presentation of this edition of the monthly newsletter highlighting the historic presence of President Aberto Fernández in Argentine Antarctica. Our country has been a pioneer in Antarctica and today expresses its firm will to be at the cutting edge in the white continent, in that white Pampa of bicontinental Argentina. The President's presence reflects that decision of being patriotic on the southern corner of our country

Guillermo Carmona

Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic



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